Please practice good hygiene:

-  Freshly Showered

-  Nails clipped and cleaned

-  Hands washed and lotion applied

-  Minty fresh breath

Reference Information


I am reference friendly and I do believe that I am very approachable and willing to give references to those who follow my basic protocol as noted below. 

Contact me first.  I need to know who it is that you are wishing to see.  

Provide their personal phone number or email so I can be prepared for when the lady to contacts me.  Ladies, if we have never spoken before, please be sure to introduce yourself and send me a link to either your profile on an active posting website, or send me your personal website info.  If we have spoken before, I may be able to find you, however it is best to provide as much info as possible to make this a fast, smooth process. 


 Another important item: I will only be able to give a reference if I have seen you more than once and/or it has been less than 3 months!  If I can't remember you or if you gave me or the lady a false name, I will stop the reference immediately! 


Reviews speak for themselves and I have quite a few of them! Look for my reviews on TOB (TheOtherBoard)!  You can also find me on P411, The Erotic Review, and ECCIE.NET. Please click the links below to read my fantastic reviews and learn more about me. 

You can also follow me on Twitter @KaliSensual, Please, look on my Link's page to find my reviews it should take you directly to my personal page for each link.

Please be courteous and refrain from explicit conversation until you have officially met me in person. 

My rates are non-negotiable!

Your stay will be unbelievable and well worth the memories we can make together! 



Kali ;)